Where have the warriors gone?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Here in the 21st century ask yourself, where have the warriors gone? Looking in the past, was a time of war, blood, and misery. Countries were constantly at differences. Kingdoms being toppled, common folk always seemed to be the most prone to the rampant violence. Don't get me wrong. Today there is still much bloodshed to be tossed around. As we progress toward an uncertain future. it seems this is what humans always have done. Fight each other.

When humans carried axes and swords, war was much more personal. In your face hand to hand combat. Thrusting blades in chest cavities. Has a nasty sound to it. But, That's just how it went. Warrior civilizations rose and fell. Some lasted, most did not. It seems you could not build a lasting empire constantly warring. It is fascinating and freighting how these cultures truly lived. From Spartans, Vikings to the vast outreach of the templar Knight's. Each cementing themselves into the archives of history for all time.

As time pushed forward. Wars were won with cunning and strategy. Numbers and brute force didn't cut it anymore. For example, England eventually got a grip and drove out the Vikings. Only after the Vikings or Danes ran sacked all of England for a time.

There is something enticing about the war stories we hear from ancient kingdoms that had a strangle hold over the world at times. Trying to envision yourself on a battlefield. the rush and pure adrenaline pumping through your veins. It can be a welcoming thought, or a disturbing reminder of how humans used to be.

People can argue that nothing has really changed. And instead of swords we use guns and bombs. It really depends on where you are in the world. 1st or 3rd world countries will have different perspectives. Still, one can't deny that things are different. Which, all in all is a good thing. Human kind needs to progress. Depends on who ask, how? We can all agree that peace and safety is better than living in constant fear. The problem remains the same. We become more and more insensitive to violence. There always will be a hungry wolf ready to sink its teeth into a herd of sheep.

Our society we live in now shuns the bold. The men and women who carry this savage burden. While the same society turns to the wolf dogs to protect it. However, when the wolf dog returns home. There is no love. There will always be a difference of views on the matter. The fact always remains the same. There needs to be a few good humans willing to do the absolute worst to protect the ones non willing.

Looking at the entire timeline of human kind is an interesting perspective. it gives you insight on exactly how we got here. To this very point in time. The rise of technology in the last ten years alone. Has been enough to propel society into uncharted territory never explored. Such a frightening concept. The dawn of the information is arguably the begging and end of human kind.

We are learning better and more effective ways of living. The simple fact that most people have water, food and shelter as a standard of living is amazing. Of course there people in the world that do not have access to such amenities. Still, looking throughout history. Living conditions are definitely better.

As we continue to do what humans do. Survive and evolve. It seems as if we do not need the wild axe swinging savage anymore. The concept of testosterone filled males charging in to combat is a thought of the past. Opinion and philosophies are being thrown around like hot cakes. What is wrong and what is right? Morals and ethics are constantly changing that is what history tells us. The problem with democracy, even though I personally love the freedom of choice and basic human rights. Is everyone wants to be right. And when you think without a doubt you are 100% right, there is someone who thinks you are 100% wrong. The question becomes how do you enforce laws, and erect legislation that reflects the poplar views of the country? The simple answer is, it will always be an uphill battle.

Years go by and eventually you just end up where you are. For better or Worse. the definition of strength and bravery will always change. it could be making a bold political move you think is right and just. Or it could be fighting for a cause in a foreign territory. The to ideologies will always battle. The current timeline we are on encourages the exploration of the emotional spectrum. And rather frowns upon the hardened times of our human past. But then you could ask, if our ancestors didn't do battle and shed blood for just causes, would we be here to explore peace? And even that you could argue.

The human conundrum is everything can be debatable everything can be subject to opinion. Even absolute fact can be subject to change. Remember when scientist said it was healthy to smoke? We will all stick to our unique perspectives. Based on the lives we live. And how could we possibly put ourselves in someone shoes. When no one will put themselves in yours? And that brings me to my finale point.

Where have the warriors gone? As a warrior myself who served 1 combat tour. I have seen the darkness and evil humans can commit first hand. In doing such. You become one with the darkness in order to defeat it. Bringing it home with you. It will always be apart of you. The best thing to do is embrace it. Not in a bad way, but in an empowering essence. In modern times that roughness is discouraged. But I will be waiting. For warrior's to be called again...

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